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Therapeutic Over the Calf Socks

Therapeutic Over the Calf Socks


Designed for diabetics, this alpaca sock has an extra amount of stretch (150% more) in the leg to relieve the pressure and help the circulation. You will notice the difference in your body when your feet are feeling their best.
The top band of these alpaca socks has enough elastic built in it to keep the sock up without constricting the leg. The Alpaca helps protect sensitive feet from irritation. Lined with terry for comfort and cushion. Reinforced in the heel, toe, and foot for durability. This sock can be worn any time of the year due to some of the characteristics of Alpaca, the wicking of moisture from the feet.

  • Medium weight, therapeutic alpaca fiber socks
  • Loose ribbing and loose knit on top of leg which does not restrict circulation
  • The softness of the yarn and the stitch make this sock breathable, comfortable, and gentle against sensitive skin
  • Cushion on foot bottom provides extra protection and comfort
  • Flat seam reduces pressure and protects against blisters
  • Ideal for diabetics and those with sensitive feet
  • Machine washable
  • Alpaca fiber evaporates moisture, keeps feet dry and prevents fungal growth
  • 47% Alpaca, 38% Acrylic, 9% Nylon, 6% Elastic


    Made in Peru





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