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Xtreme Sport Socks

Xtreme Sport Socks


This is a great year-round outdoor crew length sports sock. Engineered for the demanding adventurist, this sock is lightweight on the leg with elastic for fitting and support. Alpaca fiber evaporates moisture, keeping feet dry throughout any activity. Special mesh stitch allowing airflow and cushioned heel, sole, & toe, make this sock perfect for hiking, trekking, motorcycle riding, or any extreme other sport.

  • Perfectly engineered for the demanding adventurist. Ideal for trekking, climbing, hiking, motorcycle riding, or any other outdoor sport, any time of the year.
  • Lightweight on the leg with elastic keeps socks up and comfortable all-day
  • Spandex in the entire sock for perfect fit & wrinkle-free for comfort
  • Alpaca cushioning on sole, heel, & toe for back support during sports activity
  • Special mesh stitch for airflow, keeping feet dry
  • Ribbing on arch for snug fit & support
  • Special knitting that keeps the nylon outside for durability and alpaca inside for softness
  • Extra reinforcement on toe, sole and heel
  • Crew length
  • Ideal to wear with boots or sneakers
  • Unisex
  • Alpaca fiber evaporates moisture, keeps feet dry and prevents fungal growth

Disclaimer: Size XL is slightly higher in the leg than the others

44% Alpaca, 29% Micro Fiber , 9% Nylon, 12% Spandex, and 6% Lycra.

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